Hoop earrings with a slim ear post and silver butterfly backs.

High-quality white Japanese pearl. 

Handmade with matte finish.


Hoop diameter: 2 cm.

Hoop & Tear thickness: approx. 1.4 mm.

Pearl diameter: 4 mm. 

Total Length: 3 cm.


Refined teardrop threaded on hoop with attached pearl. 

Elegant and sophisticated with a unique presence. 

This pair of earrings is part of the Tidelands series, inspired by water, moon, and emotional flooding. The series is a collection of elements that evolved together, echoing one another. 


This item is hand made to order. Please allow 10 days for the piece to be shipped. If your order is time sensitive contact us prior to your purchase.

Alice Playing By the Pool Eearrings