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Ring Size Guide

You can easily find your ring size.

All you need is a piece of paper, scissors, a pen or pencil , and a ruler with millimeter measurements. 

Now follow these guidelines:

1. Use the scissors to cut a thin piece of paper (approx. 5 mm).

2. Wrap the piece of paper around your finger, at the knuckle (you can also use a string or a ribbon).

3. With a thin pen or sharp pencil, carefully mark the spot where the upper end overlaps.

4. Hold the paper up to the ruler to find its precise length.

5. Use the chart below to convert the length to the ring size. 

Be sure to take measurements at a normal temperature (too cold - your finger will be thiner, too warm - the finger might be thicker). 

Please note that fingers on your right hand are differ in size from fingers on your left, so be sure to take measurements form the finger you want to wear the ring. 

You can also find out your ring size using a ring you have:

1. Check carefully the inner diameter of your ring (in millimetres).

2. Multiply the diameter by 3.14 to find the circumference

3. Use the chart above to convert the circumference to the ring size. (circumference = length)

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