Two nestled loops that gently embrace each while remaining free to move.

A metaphor for relationships, this highly original piece is the perfect engagement ring. 

This ring's unique design keeps the two loops separate, while endowing the ring with an impressive presence.  


Handmade with matte finish


Ring width: 2 mm. 

Loop element diameter: approx. 11 mm.

Size: from 7 to 9.5 (54-61)

The unique design of the loops, makes the ring flexible to change size.


Also available in 18-karat gold.


This romantic ring is a constant reminder that love is a loop of excitement, sharing, and deep connection. It is part of my ‘VOLUME series, inspired by modern architecture and post-minimalist sculpture. In these rings, I explore the relations between the curves of the human body and the geometric forms around us. 


This piece is hand made to order. Please allow up to 14 days for the piece to be shipped. If your order is time sensitive contact us prior to your purchase.


Ring size guide

Double Loop : Silver Ring





Photograph by Roni Cnaani and Aya Wind

© 2017 by Michal Oren in Tel-Aviv